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"Just wanted to say thank you - today my son had carrot for the first time!"

Joanne Lulham, mum to Carter, aged 2, Milton Keynes


"Fiona is extremely gifted with children..."

Alice Temperley, fashion designer


"Her pea and lime dip is amazing!"

Donna Air, actress and model


"Sarah Beeny has booked a children's party in October - and even Gwyneth is interested in booking..."

The Sunday Times

Toddler Chef  is a parent and toddler group designed to combat fussy or 'picky' eating, encouraging kids to eat the right foods, teaching basic cookery skills, and helping foster a healthy and positive attitude towards eating.

Our programme uses tried-and-tested games and techniques (anyone fancy brushing their teeth with broccoli?!) as well as super-food recipes (spinach pesto, butternut smoothie!) - all developed by our founder, Fiona Faulkner, who is considered to be one of the UK's leading children's food writers and experts.

We believe that Toddler Chef is the most valuable class you can take your kids to. It's a place to indulge in ‘messy play’ (stirring, chopping, cracking eggs!) without YOU having to clear up the mess afterwards. It enables your child to touch, smell and sample a variety of fresh foods, encouraging them to work on their instincts and indulge their senses. It offers parent and child the opportunity to make new friends and share new experiences.

We talk about where food comes from and how it grows. We're big on table manners and what ‘eating out’ at Big Restaurants is all about. Our programme includes languages and phonetics as well as 'field trips' ( to farms, supermarkets and even restaurants) - and these are all included in the termly fee. 

Most importantly, the workshops help develop a toddler’s own palate – maybe you’ll be surprised at just what they’ll eat (particularly with Ollie Onion's encouragement and the desire to copy their peers) Call us biased but we believe Toddler Chef is the most exciting and innovative Parent and Toddler Group you can join - setting your child up with skills for life and a real passion for food. In turn, you'll be armed with all those tricks up your sleeve that will out-smart even the fussiest of eaters!

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