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Toddler Chef was devised by Fiona Faulkner, self-confessed ‘foodie’, mother of three and enthusiastic home cook.  Toddler Chef was developed following Fiona's own experience with a particularly fussy eating son.

Following countless disasterous dinners, Fiona began searching for the answers as to why her son refused his food. This in turn led to her developing a set of games and techniques that transformed mealtimes - along with a small selection of dishes that (finally!) he'd eat...

She then found herself being asked by friends, family and acquaintances just how she managed to get her kids to eat in the way that that they do – and began passing on these tips and recipes. Following a late night drive home from work one night, Fiona had her epiphany: with the many toddler groups and classes on offer these days (how to: swim, make music, sign, stay fit, make art, do yoga….), wouldn’t it be great to have a class where kids learn the greatest lesson of all: how to eat and how to eat well. And thus Toddler Chef was born.


Fiona's first cookbook, 25 Foods Kids Hate and How To Get Them Eating 24 (New Holland) was published in 2011.




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