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One of Fiona's tried and tested techniques is the very antithesis of what most parents say to their children: "Don't play with your food!" - at Toddler Chef, a lot of our techniques are based on exactly that! In this way, food stuffs are demystified and a child's natural fear or suspicion of certain foods (or new foods) is alleviated.

Toddler Chef believes in making meal-times fun, imaginative and interactive – with lots of encouragement and healthy rewards. Please always remember that what may seem a very small step to you is often a huge and significant step forward for your child. We do have a few little rules though...

Our first rule is: for kids to eat healthily, they need to experience their parents doing the same (sorry about that!);

The second: kids have to try everything once before they’re allowed to say “I don’t like it!”; that said, we never exert pressure on children to try something. They must always decide this for themselves.

And no, we dont demonise treats. See Fiona being interviewed on SKY TV for more on her research and unique perspective >



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