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We offer FOOD IS FUN! Toddler Chef birthday parties for pre-schoolers – incorporating music, dance and stories…..Naturally, the main event is creating delicious food as well – with the kids firmly in charge of the kitchen!

Despite however our passion for eating healthily, we don't ban chocolate or cake - on the contrary! We incorporate both 'healthy' food and treats - to create a sense of balance and an ethos of fun. And after all, us adults over-indulge and treat ourselves at parties, why shouldn't the kids have a little fun too? Everything in moderation....

So whether your little one wants to ice their own fairy cakes (with natural chemical-free colourants!) or create their own pizzas, we can help create an unusual and fun party that they’re sure to remember.

We provide hats, aprons, and plenty of games, music and activities - all at a competitive price. We do all the washing up and clearing away too. Please ask for details.

Toddler Chef also provides educational visits to nurseries and crèches in the area; again, details on request.





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