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 Eat your greens, whilst being green!

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Fiona believes in 'eating ethically' and the underlying messages in Toddler Chef classes are rooted in her own beliefs and how she raises her own kids: children need to know where their food comes from and to be taught how to produce or grow it. To this end, we encourage eating seasonally and supporting local farmers and suppliers.

Fiona aims to educate Toddler Chef'ers using fun, inventive, age-relevant techniques - so effectively they're learning without realising they're learning (arguably the best way).

Fiona also works with local nurseries, schools and pre-schools, aiming to help kids realise that they can make a difference with their food choices (eg eating locally reduces their carbon footprint). The overall aim is to get kids eating healthily - but in the process eating ethically and thinking about the provenance of their food (secretly Fiona hopes she's inspiring and educating parents in the process too...!)

Parents have the option to receive their weekly newsletter on either (recycled) paper - or online (saving paper). Fiona also subscribes to the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra.

Toddler Chef has also launched a Green-Way scheme, rewarding kids and parents who walk or cycle to the classes as opposed to using vehicular transport.




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